1. Write a letter to the principal requesting her to grant permission for your class to grant a science exhibition.

C-10, Rohini
New Delhi
28 February, 2015
The Principal
XYZ School
New Delhi
Subject:  Permission to visit science exhibition
Respected Ma’am/sir,
This is to bring to your kind notice that a science exhibition is being held in Pragati maidan. We, the students of class 6th are interested in visiting the science exhibition.
Therefore, we request you to kindly grand us the permission for the visiting the exhibition.
Yours Sincerely,

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To Principal
XYZ School,
New Delhi
Subject-Request to grant permission for our class to grant a science exhibition
Respectfully,I ABC of class VI requesting you to grant a science exhibition for our class.The students of our class want to show the environment as well as the space modals to tell the facts about that.The exhibition will be for class III to Class VI respectively.The teachers will help to make modals.
Thank You,
Yours Faithfully 
Class VI-A
Roll No-7

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