write a letter to the superintendent of general hospital complaining about the poor facilities in the hospital

Respected sir,
My name is Mohan Gupta resident of 16CC colonyof Delhi wants to bring to your notice about the pooor condition of health fascilities in our local hospitals.

It is a big problem for the society to gain medical check up in such hospitals. Fitstly there is lack of speciallised doctors. Patients are not getting proper treatment instead they are falling into some really harmful diseases due to wrong medicine.So we want you to replace them with some more skilled and specisllised doctors otherwise there will be a great problem. There is also a problem regarting to the lack of beds . Patients are not able to get admitted even if they are suffering from a serious condition as no beds are empty.The hodpitals should introduce modern medical equipments for proper checkup in a short period of time. Also as you know in the 13 blocks there is only one hospital and so it is causing havoc. Also we want to bring it to your concern that although of such bad condition they are demanding costly treatments. It is a major problem and we kindly request you to look after the mater seriously. Please let us know if we can be of any help.?

I have only written the letter plz manage with the format.
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Hope this will help you!!Thanks!!
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