Write a letter to your aunt for thanking her for a book which was gifted to you by her on your birthday.

Dear Student,
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  • I really want to thank you dear aunt for the most precious gift that you gave me on my birthday.
  • You have always understood that I am a book worm.
  • I love being amidst books and reading is my passion.
  • The 25 books from 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series was the best gift I have received in all these years.
  • These books have always inspired and lifted my spirit, no matter what my mood is.
  • I have always had less friends. Books are my best friend.
  • Every evening, I make myself a cup of tea and settle to read for an hour or two.
  • Sometimes I worry about not having enough books to read. But now, I have so many of them.
  • Thank you so much aunt. You gifted me with the love of my life.
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Thank you.

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