write a letter to your brother about your visit to an orphanage

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Mahananda Pally,
N.S. Road,
Malda -732101

Dear Brother,

I am fine here. How are you ? Hope you are also fine by the grace of god. Few days before I had went to a orphanage. I want to explain you about my experience.

I had went to the orphanage with my friends and my parents. I had seen there many small children they were orphans. They were very good. The orphanage was very neat and clean and had a lovely garden. Some children were tending the plants and watering them. The children were wearing blue and white uniform that was very clean and ironed. As we moved further we saw different children doing some work or the other .They seemed very happy and chatter with each other while they worked. To one side was school and children were studying there . Some children were learning to paint ,some were busy to making small tables and chairs while some were stitching blue and white uniforms. The younger ones were making flowers . Everything needed in the orphanage was made there itself . We have taken some chocolates and chips for them. When I have given them the things they were looking very happy. I enjoyed there a lot . If I went again to the orphanage then I will take you also. Hope you will enjoy there.

No more today . Convey my regards to your parents . I will take your parents also. Hope you all will go with me and enjoy there very much. Good by. See you again.

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74, Surya Apartments
Dwarka New Delhi

Dear Sourya
I am writing this letter to you to describe my experiences of the orphanage trip. As you were gone to a trip organised by the school i felt lonely so mommy and daddy took me to a trip to an orphanage. There i saw many any small children from 4-12 years age group. The incharge of that place was a lady. She introduced us to all of the children. We were glad to see the talent of the children in singing and dancing. We thought that if those children would get better facilities they would achieve a better position in the world. I was about to cry when i saw a small child on a wheelchair, but i controlled my emotions. we all had i great time. 
I think you will come soon and i would tell you much about my trip.
Yours Lovingly 
Yours Lovingly
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