Write a letter to your brother/sister in hostel describing your feelings on the day you were home alone.In about 120words.In 3paragraphs

This is just a sample for your reference:


Boarding School

Nainital -23



13th November, 2012


Bungalow no 442, Shikhar Road

Mathura Road – 23


Dearest Min Yan,


Hope this finds you hale and hearty. I have been thinking of writing to you since last few weeks. Hope you have adjusted well in the hostel schedule. The life over here is boring and monotonous without you.


Remember the last time I wrote you I said Mommy and Daddy would be leaving for Korea in a month. They already left last week. I am staying all alone for the first time in my life. The huge mansion seems haunted at night. I am missing you so badly. Yesterday it rained all night and there was load shedding in our area. I could not sleep all night as I am sure I saw someone run past the bedroom window. Even Miss. Kitty's eyes were sparkling in the dark, horrifying me enough to faint, only to wake up at 6am.


I hope to hear from you soon. Take care and write to me at the earliest.



Chou Yan

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