Write a letter to your elder brother thanking him for sending you a gift on your birthday.

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Nov 21, 2012

Dear brother,

I am fine here and hope the same for you. I hope mom and dad are doing well. Write me to inform about mom’s health.

I have written to inform you that last evening I received the parcel you had sent for me. I was overjoyed to find a watch inside it. Brother, I remember telling you that I was in need of a watch. I am glad you neither forgot my birthday nor my gift.

I am sure I will be able to better utilize time with the help of this watch. I thank you once again for your love and best wishes. Pay my regards to mother and father.

With love,

ayush there are some changes that you need to do in this letter,i will tell u that, 
dear bro,
how are u, iam fine here . are mom and dad fine there?.i received the parcel which u have sent for me on my birthday. i was suprised to see the present that u have sent for me.the watch is very usefull to me to manage my time ,and also it is my favourite brand , thank u so much for presenting me the watch
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Your brother has send you an alarm clock on your birthday write a letter of thanks telling him how beautiful it is and how useful it is going to be 4th standard.
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Write a letter to your elder brother who work in Mumbai to give you gift on your birthday

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How write

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*****(your name)

******* (class)

*******(address of scl or house)


dear brother

I got your gift for my birthday day. It is very nice.I liked it. Thank you for such a gift my loving friend...

your loving (brother or sister...)

address on the envelope

******(brother's name

*******(his address)


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Thanking letter to brother for his birthday gift for class 6
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august 8 , 2020
I have come to know through some reliable source that of late you have been mixing up with bad boys, the news has really shocked me. You are in the College hostel and there is none to guide you. In such circumstances you should be very cautious and choose your friends very carefully.
 It is my sincere advice to you shun bad company. A person is known by the company he  keeps.  Your association with indiscipline and undesirable people  is bound to bring disgrace to you and our family. I have been told that many of these bad lot are drug-addicts and gamblers. Just think of us how hard we have to work here to send you there for higher studies. 
If you do not show improvement in your conduct and studies soon, I shall have to come there. It is better you discontinue your studies than you land someday in the police lockup. There is still time to mend yourself. If father comes to know about it, he may even collapse . I hope you will show soon considerable improvement in your conduct yours affectionately, 
yours affectionately 

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