Write a letter to your father, who has been away from home for a fortnight, about anything of interest that has taken place in his absence

Dear Father I received your loving letter only yesterday and came to know that you are much worried about our well-being. It is natural for you to be anxious about us, as you have been away from home for quite some time. Stiven stood first in the class scoring 95% marks and it is really heartening news. Mother wanted me to convey to you about Sharvana's marvelous achievement immediately and I thought it proper to inform you through this letter. Mother, who was down with viral fever, has recovered completely and has resumed her work. Only some weakness is persisting but our family doctor has declared her to be fit. Write soon when you are coming home. Mother sends her compliments to you and Sharvana and Rinku too send their love to you. Yours affectionately Ankita

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