1. Write a letter to your friend about your experience of been delayed one night due to heavy rain in a railway station.
  2. Write a letter to the transport commissioner regarding the issue of driving license.
  3. Write a letter to a Newspaper or a Magazine ordering for subscription of their News paper or Magazine for one year.

Dear Student,
Given below are few points for the first question, that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly post the others on separate threads.
  • George, the purpose of my writing this letter is to narrate to you an incident that occurred to me recently.
  • I was returning from office in the evening. As I was getting down at the Ernakulam station, it started raining so heavily.
  • The rains were so bad that I could not move an inch forward.
  • I waited patiently hoping that the rains would stop. It was already half past eight.
  • My waiting seemed to have no end. An hour later, I heard an announcement in the television overheard. It said that the city was starting to flood and traffic was being controlled.
  • I felt dizzy as I heard this. I wondered how I would make it to my home.
  • As I sat worried, I noticed my neighbour coming towards me. He told me that he had his car parked outside and would be happy to take me along.
  • I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard this. It was an eventful evening.
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Thank you.

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