write a letter to your friend aware him about the computer education in this school

C-23, Nishant Kunj



21 September 2013

Dear friend

I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health and spirits. Today I am writing this letter to you to tell about computer education in the schools.

Computers have really taken over each and every field of our life. We have got used to it to such an extent that we cannot even imagine our life without it. It is taught in schools as a main subject and this is highly appreciable. We get to know about the subject in detail by the teachers through theory lectures and practicals. We even have smartboards in our school which have really made learning easy, interesting and has added a fresh, new fervour. However, there are some negative points attached to it too. It affects our eyesight and long hours of working also strains our back. Too much reliability on computers has also led to suppression of creativity and innovation among the students.

I will say that computer education has really paved the way for all good things but, too much dependence can also prove to be hazardous. Rest we'll discuss when we'll meet. Give regards to your parents and love to your younger sister.

Yours Loving Friend


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