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  • Agra has been one of the most popular historical destination from ages long.
  • The magnificent buildings that were created during the rule of the Kings are a reminder of the grandeur and glory of India.
  • Taj Mahal, which is one of the seven wonders of the world, is situated in Agra and the white marble building is a reflection of love and royalty.
  • The sight of the Taj at night and the sparkle of the waters relaxes the mind of the person visiting the spot.
  • Agra showcases the beauty of Mughal architecture and the traces of the reign are still evident in the city.
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My dear Shankara,

I am thankful to you for your kind letter. I am really very sorry that I could not reply to your earlier letter as I had gone to Agra. May I give a brief account of my visit to that place?

The Taj was erected on a white marble platform. The platform has, on each corner of it, a high minaret. It seems these minarets are standing guard to this monument of joy and beauty. The building has a white dome, beautiful pinnacles, and lovely arches. The walls are so designed with colorful patterns that even many centuries after it was built there is nothing to match it. I visited the Taj on the night of the full moon. The white moonlight spread all over the building and I was lost in my thoughts after seeing its charm and beauty.

The Taj has a beautiful setting. There are shady trees all around. There is a channel of very clear water which is flanked by marble pavements on its both sides. There are springs and tanks in the gardens. In fact the Taj is a superb monument of masonry of the Mughal times.

There was a sizable rush of visitors on that night. I saw many beggars also spreading their hands for alms in the names of the great Moghul King, Shahjahan, and his consort, Mumtaz Mahal, in whole memory the Tajmahal was built.

I hope you would also spare time to pay a visit to this beautiful monument. With best wishes.

Yours Sincerely



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