write a letter to your friend inviting her to your brothers marriage?

Akbaralso known as Shahanshah Akbar-e-Azam or Akbar the Great (14 October 1542  – 27 October 1605) was the third Mughal Emperor. He was of Timurid descent; the son of Emperor Humayun, and the grandson of the Mughal Emperor Zaheeruddin Muhammad Babur, the ruler who founded the Mughal dynasty in India. At the end of his reign in 1605 the Mughal empire covered most of the northern and central India. He is most appreciated for having a liberal outlook on all faiths and beliefs and during his era, culture and art reached to zenith as compared to his predecessors.

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 hey shivam she didn't ask for the information of akbar

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My dear friend pari,

  u will be glad 2 know that my elder brother's marriage will take place on 23 rd day of march.the bride's parents are also the ressidents of delhi. we shall feel great happinessif u join the marriage ceremony.my parents also feel pleasure 2 see u.they are paras and raj kumar.

  here u will have to enjoy marriage ceremony as well as a visit to delhi city. plz do come anil. i shall recieve u at station if u pre inform me.

  pay my regardds to uncle and aunt.

yours lovingly,


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Jannet Jackson,
31st Lower Avenue, New Road,
Washington DC,

Date:12th August 2012.

Subject: Request for Leave of 2 Days.

Dear Madam,

It is respectfully stated that I, Jack Black, submit a request to take leave from the office for 2 days because of my brothers wedding. The leave required is from 14th August 2012 to 16th August and I will be joining back on the 17th of August 2012.

I would be obliged if the leave is granted on the aforementioned dates.

Thanking you,

Jack Black.
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