Write a letter to your friend telling him about how republic day was celebrated in our school?

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Dear Subhadra!

How are you? I am fine here and hope the same for you. This time in my letter I have something interesting to share with you. Last Thursday was 26 January, i.e., Republic Day. Our school took part in the day’s celebrations. The Chief Minister Mrs. Krishna Yadav was there with honourable chief guest Mr. Phalguni Shad. Does it not fill you with excitement? You ask me, and I can describe the whole experience as fantastic.


We practiced throughout December and January. Our drill was called “Bhartiyam”. We performed various exercises. Each exercise had eight beats. Our mentor was Mr. Sapolia. He is extraordinary and loves perfection. He left no stone unturned to prepare us for the final day. Our dress code was the Saturday uniform with colourful scarves that marked our groups. There were total 30 exercises, which we had to perform with two paper made sunflowers tied on each our hands, bigger than them, though light in weight.


When we entered the stadium, the air was electrifying and it charged us with an unmatched energy. After various performances by different schools, we were called in the field. We settled and then as our mentor beat his drum, we drilled. When the whole drill was over, the whole stadium reverberated with applause. The Chief Minister and the Chief Guest both rose from their seats to applause in appreciation. Our school has given us a CD containing the video of the Bhartiyam. The next time you visit my home, I will show it to you for sure.


Hope to see you soon.
With love


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