Write a note on battle of buxar?

The  Battle  of  Buxar  took  place  in  1764  A.D.  This  battle  was  fought  between  Mir  Quasim,  The  Nawab  of  Bengal  and  the  English.  Mir  Quasim  was  made  the  Nawab  of  Bengal  by  the  English.  He  was  an  able  ruler  and  wanted  to  improve  the  condition  of  Bengal.  He  tried  to  check  tax  free  trade  by  the  English.

The  English  got  annoyed  over  this  issue  and  a  battle  took  place  between  the  two.  Mir  Quasim  could  not  face  the  English  and  ran  for  shelter  to  the  Nawab  of  Awadh,  Shuja-ud-Daulah.  The  Mughal  emperor  Shah  Alam  was  also  staying  in  Awadh  those  days.  Shah  Alam  and  Shuja-ud-Daulah  , the  Nawab  of  Awadh,  promised  to  help  Mir  Quasim.  Their  combined  army  marched  against  the  English  and  a  fierce  battle  took  place  on  22nd  October  1764  A.D  at  Buxar.  The  Nawab  of  Awadh  and  Shah  Alam  were  defeated  after  some  fighting.  Mir  Quasim  was  also  defeated  and  was  dethroned.

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The Battle of Buxar was fought on 22 October 1764 between the forces under the command of the British East India Companyled by Hector Munro, and the combined armies of Mir Qasim, the Nawab of BengalShuja-ud-Daula the Nawab of Awadh; theMughal Emperor Shah Alam II. The battle fought at Buxar, then within the territory of Bengal, a town located on the bank of theGanges river, was a decisive victory for the British East India Company.The company sent in relief troops from Fort St. George of the Madras headquarters. The troops led by Robert Clive and Admiral Watson retook Calcutta on 2nd January, 1757. The treaty of Alinagar was signed between the Nawab and the Company.

However Clive's military ambitions were on the ascendancy. His troops captured the French settlement of Chandernagore. He tempted Siraj's uncle Mir Jafar to ally with him in exchange for the Nawab's position. On 23rd June, 1757, the Company troops marched against Siraj. Betrayed by his own men Siraj was defeated in the Battle of Plassey, which is said to have lasted only a few hours. He was soon assassinated in his capital Murshidabad. From being traders, the Company turned kingmakers in Bengal and Mir Jafar was installed as the new Nawab. Clive got his pound of flesh from the Nawab in terms of 234,000 pounds and was awarded an annual salary of 30,000 pounds per year. This made him one of the richest Britons in the world. The company also secures rights over a large area south of Calcutta. Construction of a new Fort William was started and was completed in 16 years in 1773. These events led to the rise of Calcutta and the decline of Murshidabad.

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