1. Write a note on the island groups of India.

  2. Describe the importance of diverse physical features of India.

  3. The Ganga Brahmaputra is called the Food Bowl of India.Why?

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Answer to Q.1 is:
​Andaman and Nicobar islands:

a. It is also a union territory and is located in Bay of Bengal region 

b. There are a group of islands in the North called Andamnas and those in south are Nicobar islands, there are a total number of 552 islands.
c.The islands are result of volcanic eruption.
d. Port Blair is its capital.
e. These islands have thick forest cover and have equatorial climate.

Lakshwadeep islands:

a. They are located in close proximity to Malabar coast of Kerala, and is located in Laccadive sea
b. It has total 36 islands and basically comprises of small coral islands.
c. The islands are basically the top of the  vast undersea mountain range.
d. Karavatti is its capital .
e. The island is extremely rich in flora and fauna, the Pitti island there is a famous bird sancturay.
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1.The islands of the Bay of Bengal

Among the islands located in the Bay of Bengal the most important group is the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. These islands are mainly the upper parts of mountains rising from the floor of the Bay. This is the reason why at different parts of the islands small hills can be seen distributed irregularly. They range in height between 400 to 500 meters e.g. Mount Harriet in the South Andamans. The barren and Narcondam islands have volcanoes. 

Islands of the Arabian Sea

Off the Malabar coast of Kerala lay the islands of Amindivi, Lakshadweep and Minicoy. They lie in the Arabian Sea. These islands have been formed by deposits of millions of corals and so form coral islands. Thus the soil of these islands is also very fertile.

2. When physical features complements the other it makes the country richer by increasing the natural resources. Northern areas are the major source of water and forest wealth. The plateau is a storehouse of minerals which played the crucial role in the industrialization in the country. The islands provide the platform for fishing and port activities the diversity in physical features of the land have immense future possibilities of development.


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