Write a notice for your school notice board describingyour lost lunch box

Dear student,
                                                                      VIDYA SAI SCHOOL, NEW DELHI.

 28 November, 20xx.

A blue colour lunch-box with a Hannah Montana image on it has been lost in the playground yesterday during recess. The lunch box has some star stickers on the cover. Finder will be suitably rewarded. Finder is requested to contact the undersigned immediately.

(Head Girl) 

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Megha brought a book rupees 112 one by two from a so she gave soc rupees to shopkeeper and got the balance bank but she realise that shopkeeper had given her rupees 72 extra
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KV sunjuwan jammu


Lost! Lost! Lost!
All the students of the school are hereby informed that a lunch box has been lost in the playground during recess anyone who finds it please return to the undersigned

Name= Harini priya
Class='6th' A
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First write a format ,and then write the main body ,your name ....
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