Write a notice informing the students about the educational trip to agra to be organised by your school

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                                                                  ABC SCHOOL, NEW DELHI


                                                             EDUCATIONAL TRIP TO AGRA

                                                                                                                                                                              January 12, 2019

Our school has organised a trip to Agra for students of classes VI to X on 28 January. Agra is a city with historical importance thus the trip aims to encourage students to have a deep insight on Indian history. They will be accompained by teachers of Social Science  department. Interested students to give their names along with consent letter from parents and a fees of Rs. 700 to the undersigned by 25 January. 

Head Boy

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18th feb?
All students of the class
Our class is taking a tour from Agra . All intrested can give their names to the class teacher and bring a total sum of rs. Any of your own for the ticket and overhead expenditures. Journey will be by train and all necessary items should be bought. Class will not be responsible for lost items.
Class monitor
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