write a paragraph each about all the characters of villa for sale

Gaston has been shown to be a very straightforward person. At the beginning, we see how clearly he mentions that he is in no way interested in spending a fortune on buying a villa in which his wife’s parents could stay. In the end, he has his way by using his intelligence. Initially, he is not keen on buying the house as he knows he'll have to put up with his in-laws, but, when he realizes that he could be profited by the deal, he goes on to buy it. He silences his wife by pretending to buy the villa, teaches the greedy Juliette a lesson and shows Mrs.Al Smith that Frenchmen indeed are smart businesspersons. He is also an opportunist as he takes advantage of the situation to break a great deal and earn a hundred thousand francs. He earns this huge profit which shows that he is a better business man than Juliette. He is clever and shrewd.

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student-name Harshni Kalimuthu asked in English Write a brief character sketch of Gaston,Juliette,Mrs. Al Smith in about 100 words 16 Follow 0 student-name Bangtan answered this 146 helpful votes in English, Class XII-Commerce Hi.. Mrs Al Smith Following characteristics best describe Mrs. Al Smith: snobbish: feels herself superior to French people always in a hurry arrogant: manages to get what she wants at every possible cost self-centred: hardly cares for feelings of others Gaston Gaston was an oppurtunist. He understood the situation very well and took the full advantage of the situation for his own profit. As in the story he sold the villa for 300 thousand francs to Mrs. Al smith and then paid juliette a 200 thousand francs. This shows that Gaston was very good dealing with situations and making full use of any oppurtunity given to him. He was a better business man in comaprison to Juliette Jeanne Jeanne is a nice lady who is very gullible although she tried to rebel against her husband. She knows the value of relationships and emotions. She is exactly the opposite of her husband who is cunning and opportunist. She is very eager to buy the house for her parents. This shows that she was very caring towards her family and wanted everybody to live peacefully and comfortably. Her conversations with Juliette show that she was kind hearted and friendly as well.
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