write a paragraph of 40 to 50 words explaining the role and importance of a baker in the traditional goan society

~~The importance of bread
The pader would usually bake fragrant (and delicious!) loaves of bread for the elders, and bangles for the children.
Marriage gifts would be incomplete without the traditional bol, a sweet bread.
For her daughter's engagement, the mother should prepare sandwiches.
Festivals like Christmas go stale without the taste of cakes and bolinhas!
A baker is someone who makes, bakes and sells bread in its various forms.

A baker means different things to different societies.

In this lesson, we will see the importance of the baker in a Goan society.
Goa was once a Portuguese territory. The Portuguese used its ports to transport goods.

The Portugese were very fond of bread. So, professional bakers from Portugal arrived to cater to the needs of the elite.

Soon, Goa was a hub of government officials who thrived on bread from their bakers, called paders.
Home is where the bread is!
The pader would bake a lot of bread, and load it all onto his bamboo basket.
He would go around to all the houses, selling bread.
He'd sell the bread to the maid-servant of the house.
His specially made bamboo stick would jingle, attracting the attention of the household.
The pader
The pader came dressed in a kabai.
It was a single piece long frock, reaching down to the knees.
It was a cross between half and full length pants.
The pader collects his fees every month, which would be accounted/calculated on a wall.

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