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Write a paragraph on my pet

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A pet is a domesticted animal or bird.People keep pets for their pleasure.Pare good company for lonely people.There are many kinds of pets.I have a dog.She is as white as snow, so we call her Snowy.She is very beautiful and smart.She possesses a small body with agile eyes.She is like a member of our family.She loves all of us and shares our moments of joy and sorrow.She responds well to my call.She waits for me to return from school.She is not afrid.She enjoys playing with the ball, but  dislikes talking a bath.She wags her tail when she is happy or when I return from school.Shnowy is clean habits.She does not make the house dirty.She eats in her plate.I feed her bread and chapatis.She is very fond of mangoes and sweets.She makes friend with children.

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