Sundays are fundays because it is a holiday and you can relax and enjoy yourself. Everyone has a different idea about how to spend the Sunday. Some might like to go for picnics while others may just like to rest. People like to catch up on their missed things too. Most people however like to have some fun on a holiday and plan a day out. Shopping and watching movies comes on top of the list. Relaxing and spending time either with friends or family makes Sunday a proper funday for everyone.

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Most people look forward to Sunday the whole week long simply because Sunday is a Funday for most. It's a day spent with family or friends, relaxing and doing what is fun to us. Some use this opportunity to catch up on each others week and would do so while having a picnic in nature or their own backyards. Barbecues are enjoyed by a lot of people and it's generally a time for good fun and loads of laughter.

Yes, I know, the seriously religious people rather go to church on this day and spend some quiet time after church with families. Some of them go on picnics and or barbecues after church as well. Perhaps I sound as if religious people do not know how to have fun, but sorry if that's how it sounds. Religious people, like myself, are normal fun-loving people too, they just take life a bit more serious than most.

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