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Narash Kumar , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 24/12/10

write a poem about spring when trees are in full bloom?

Ashish Rockon , added an answer, on 17/1/11

 There ones was a traffic accident at the highway.
It rained so hard that nobody could see each other.
A driver of a dark blue car wanted to move past another car,
but when the car went to the right again it got hit at the back.
That blue car crashed right through the crash barrier.
And the driver of the other car kicked the breaks so hard that it put
a huge pile up of other cars crashing right into it.

This is a quite basic story,
sorry about my English^^ and good luck!
so maby you could spice it up a little more.^^

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Ashish Rockon , added an answer, on 17/1/11

 i m aboy u dont know 

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