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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrialis a video game that came out for the Atari 2600 game system in 1982. It was based on a very popular film of the same name. It cost over 125 million dollars to make. Star programmer Howard Scott Warshaw created it with consultation from Steven Spielberg. And it is widely considered to be one of the worst video games ever created. The massive failure ofE.T.and its effects on Atari is an often-mentioned reason for the video game industry crash of 1983.

It was July 27th, 1982. Howard Scott Warshaw was hot off the success of his most recent game,Raiders of the Lost Ark. He received a call from Atari C.E.O. Ray Kassar. Atari had bought the rights to make a video game version of Spielberg's movie,E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which had just been released in June. Kassar told Warshaw that Spielberg had specifically asked for Warshaw to make the game. Warshaw was honored, but there was one huge problem. Atari needed the game finished by September 1st in order to start selling it during the Christmas season.

It had taken Warshaw six months to createRaiders of the Lost Ark. The game he made prior to that took him seven months. He was expected to createE.T.in around five weeks. Warshaw just did not have enough time to program the game properly, but he accepted the challenge anyway and production began. Spielberg wanted Warshaw to create a simple maze game, similar toPac-Man, but Warshaw had a bigger vision. He wanted players to explore different environments in a 3D world. Warshaw followed his vision.

Atari anticipated that the game would be a huge success. Usually companies like Atari have people test games before releasing them. If there is something that testers really dislike, programmers can fix it before the public gets a chance to play. Atari decided to skip testing due to time limitations. They wanted the game released during the holiday season. It was:E.T.was released in December of 1982.

The game sold very well at first. It was a hot holiday item. Unfortunately, Atari overestimated how many they would sell. They made 5 million copies and they only sold 1.5 million. Most people who played the game hated it. The graphics were bad. Game play was awkward. Players got stuck in holes that they couldn't escape. A short time limit made the game difficult to explore and frustrating to play. Some people who stuck with the game grew to like it, but it wasn't the mainstream success that Atari had hoped it would be.

Too many copies of the game sat on store shelves. One employee remembers the game being discounted five times, from $49.95 to less than a dollar. Many people returned the game. Atari was left with millions of unsold copies.In September of 1983, a newspaper in New Mexico reported that between 10 and 20 semitrailer truckloads of Atari products were crushed and buried at a landfill in Alamogordo. Perhaps a million or more copies ofE.T.were buried in the desert. When word got out, the drop site had to be covered with cement to prevent scavenging.

Atari lost over $100 million onE.T.The game was so bad that it was said to have affected Atari's reputation. The video game industry soon fell into a deep depression. In 1983 the industry made $3.2 billion. By 1985 profit fell to just over $100 million. This was almost a 97% drop. Many critics believe that Atari's blunder onE.T.was one of the causes leading to this depression.E.T. the Extra-Terrestrialwill long be remembered as one of the worst video games ever made, if not one of the causes of the decline of the entire video game industry.please give me this is urgent .i am studying in cbse-international board

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