write a self written story on -
i slept in India and woke up  in  ..

Dear Student

Such questions are asked to focus on developing your writing skills. So we recommend you to frame such answers on your own. However, a few hints are given below to help you out.
  • I slept in India and when I woke up, I saw myself in a dense forest of South Africa. The sound of the birds woke me up. I could not believe my own eyes.
  • I rubbed my eyes in utter surprise. I saw many people dancing in front of me. They were all covered in mud and colorful stripes were on their face.
  • They grabbed me and took me to their Tribal King, Aucuba. They were dark in complexion and they had tattoos all over their face and body.
  • I felt the warmth of the tribals.  They gave me fruits and vegetables to eat. I was very hungry and I ate everything.
  • They gave me a strange looking cloth which I thought was made of animal skin.
  • When I wore the cloth, they clapped their hands. I also clapped with them.
  • They used 'sign languages'. I could not understand their language but their gesture helped me to understand their language.
  • The tribals took me to Orangutans. We played together for a long time. I was so tired after the day's excitement that I fell asleep on the ground.
  • When I again woke up, I saw myself back in India. I realized that I had been dreaming.
I hope you can form the story on your own. If you still have doubts 'comment' below.

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india only
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once upon a time i slept in india and woke up in austrailia
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please write a full story not a sentence
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