Write a sentence using an interjection: 1) You have bought a new dress and you want to show your excitement before your friend. 2) You are happy because your sister is retuning home from hostel. 3) You are terrified on spotting a cockroach on your desk. 4) You are hurt by a thron that pricked your finger. 5) You are not sure whether you will join your friends for the movie show. 6) You are surprised to meet your neighbour afterbfive long years. 7) You are sad that slum children are so poor. 8) You are emotional on leaving home for a month.

1. Wow! Just see how beautiful my new dress looks!
2. Hooray! My sister is coming home from the hostel!
3. Ooh! There is a cockroach on my desk!
4. Ouch! A thorn has pricked my finger!
5. Oh no! I am not sure if I will join my friends for the movie.

6. Wow! It is great to meet you after five years.
7. Alas! The slum children are so poor!
8. Alas! I have to be away from home for a month!

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