Write a short biography of Khushwant Singh based on your research about the multifaceted person.​

Khushwant Singh was a well-known Indian author and a prominent political figure. He is a man of many talents. He contributed to literature, politics and journalism with utmost dedication. He was known for his straight-forward approach. He presented the situations as they were and never weaved stories without meaning. In his lifetime, he practised law, worked as a journalist and editor, became a best-selling author and was nominated to the Rajya Sabha. He was a pro-Congress member and believed that religion will divide the country. He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for his achievements and service to the society. 
His writings are honest, precise and easily relatable. His works were like a voice through which the complex of emotions could be expressed. His novel Train to Pakistan based on partition was his best-selling work.

Khuswant Singh was a man of strong and honest opinions. Although witty in his tone, he was humble and lived a simple life. He lived for 99 years and had the courage to write his own obituary. 
As inspiring as he ever was, Khushwant Singh is a man to look up to and some of his works a model for modern India.


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