Write a short debate on "Beggar should be given money?

Various points against the motion of the topic are:

- Beggars should not be given money at all as the practice of taking money without working for it is wrong.

- Most of the times, these beggars spend the money in a wrong way like drug abuse, alcohol etc.

- Most beggars prefer to spend it on themselves in alcohol and gambling rather than buying the basic necessities for their family.

- The main reason behind their action can never be traced because usually normal people are made beggars by some evil people of the society.

- Begging should not be encouraged lest it becomes an easy option for other people around them.


Points for the motion of the topic are:

-Money should be given to the beggars through organised charity societies.

-Any financial assistance to such needy people should be channelised well through NGOs rather than giving them money on the streets.


Hope these points would help you!

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a beggar is also a human being just like us. he should also have a comfortable life. for this the rich should not treat the beggars badly , if they give little money to the beggar, it will be enough for them. with this money they can build a house, have enough food and water..and their life will be really better.

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