write a short note on affirmative action in india

Solution - 
Affirmative action is based on idea that it is not sufficient to establish equality by law affirmative action includes many form for example providing reservation to backward classes to preferencial expenditure for the targeted group .In India we provide quota based reservation in jobs, promotion and admissions to the deprived sections based on their caste , sex and financial status.However speacial assistance in form of affirmative action is a temporary provision until equality is established or so . The assumption behind such an arrangement is that such benifits will help the backward classes to devlop and then compete with the others which are already in a better place.However affirmative action also has some drawbacks like keeping the efficiency of administration at stake and undermining the deserving candidates etc but still it is an important measure which our politics has established to uplift the backward people who had suffered a lot in history.

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