write a short note on climatic control

There are six major controls of the climate of any place. They are Latitude, Altitude, Pressure and wind system, Distance from the sea, Ocean currents and Relief features.

1. Latitude: The Indian landmass is equally divided by The Tropic of Cancer. Hence, half of India has tropical climate and another half has subtropical climate.

: It is the height of a place above the sea level or Earth's surface.As the altitude of a place increases, atmosphere becomes less dense and temperature decreases.Hills are cooler than plains during summers.

3.Pressure and Wind; It plays an important role in the amount of rainfall a region receives. 

4. Distance from the sea: The areas near he sea does no experience extreme climate as he sea has a moderating effect on these regions.

5. Ocean Currents: It affects he climate of coastal regions.The coastal areas are warm and cool depending on he flow of ocean currents over it.

6.Relief Features: Mountains act as barriers and stop hot or cold winds.So, the climate of a region covered by mountains , owes its climatic condition to the mountain relief.

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