write a short note on DOCTRINE OF LAPSE .

The Doctrine of :Lapse was a policy introduced by Lord Dalhousie who was the Governor General of India between 1848 and 1856.  Under the policy, if a Indian king died without leaving a son as direct heir, then that kingdom would be annexed by the East India Company. Earlier, such kings who did not have sons were allowed to adopt a successor. The Doctrine of Lapse abolished this policy in order to annex such kingdoms.  

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Doctrine of Lapse is also known as annexation policy.It was enforced by Lord Dalhousie .This policy means to bring the end of the rule of native state under the British rule directly.Miaadministration was created in the states of the kings who became irresponsible due to subsidiary alliance. In the name of misadministration of state, Dalhousie annexed many states. he disapproved the rights of the kings to adopt sons and heirless states were annexed. He annexed some states by defeating them in battle. Thus,Dalhousie made British rule rival free by 'Victory confiscation  and Annexation'
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Lord Dalhousie, who came to India as governor-general in 1848 used the doctrine of lapse as a means of extending the empire. In India, every Hindu had a right to adopt a male child as his heir in the absence of a natural heir. This was sanctioned by both religion and society. When Dalhousie came to India, he decided that rulers of the states would have to seek permission of the British to adopt an heir. Thus, the British acquired the right to sanction or refuse such an adoption by a dependent Indian ruler
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