write a short note on the harms caused by microorganisms

Microorganisms are very harmful to us because they cause number of diseases in humans, animals and plants. They cause diseases like typhoid, malaria, chicken pox, polio, tuberculosis in humans and blights of potatoes, sugarcane, rust of wheat and citrus in plant. Microorganism also spoil food items and consumption of such items result in food poisoning.

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 Some microorganisms harm us in various ways. Many organisms cause diseases. Disease causing microorganisms are called pathogens. Ailments like cold, influenza (flu) and most coughs are caused by viruses and even foot and mouth disease of cattle is also caused to virus. Serious diseases like, chicken pox and polio are also caused by viruses. Diseases like dysentery and malaria are caused by protozoan. Some bacteria cause typhoid and tuberculosis (TB) anthrax, a dangerous human and cattle disease, is also caused by a bacteria. Some microorganisms spoil leather items and wooden-work. Apart from these harmful effects, some microorganisms release toxic substances when grow on food items. Thus we see that microorganisms harm us in many ways.

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can make a healty person sick if it comes in contact with ill people as the virus can come in contact of healthy person by air ,carrirers,water,food etc.

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micro oranisms are harmful in many ways

some of the micro organisms cause diseases in human beings , plants and animals . Such disease causing microbes are called pathogens . for example diseases like dysentry , malaria caused by protozoa whereas typhoid and tuberculosis are bacterial diseases .Polio and chicken pox is caused by virus ,Rust of wheat is caused by fungi in plants . Some micro organisms spoil food , clothing and leather . Spoiled food cause food poisioning when it is consumed by healthy persons.

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