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From the Study Material:

Tides are the daily rise and fall of ocean levels relative to coastlines. They are a result of the gravitational forces of the moon and the sun on Earth, and also the revolution of the Earth. A large amount of energy is stored in tides. They can be used as renewable sources of energy to generate electricity.

Tidal electricity generation involves the construction of a barrage across deltas, estuaries, beaches, or other places that witness increased tidal action.

How does it work?

The barrage (dam) allows incoming tidal water during high tides, but does not allow it to flow out. This causes water to accumulate at a higher level in the coastal basin. When the tide flows out, the level of water in the sea decreases, and the water which was blocked using the dam is released. The head of this water is then used to spin the turbine of the electric generator.

The barrage is equipped with sluices and turbines (similar to hydropower plants). Turbines generate electricity as the water flows out.

The vast potential energy of the seas and oceans can make a significant contribution toward meeting the increasing energy needs. Commercially viable technologies to harness tidal power, wave power, and ocean thermal energy are therefore being developed.

The advantages and disadvantages of tidal energy are listed below.


  • It does not need any fuel
  • Waves are predictable
  • It is available free of cost
  • It is relatively cheap and easy to maintain
  • It produces no greenhouse gases or other polluting wastes


  • There are only limited sites that are suitable for constructing tidal barrages
  • Shipping facility is affected due to the construction of barrages
  • Construction of barrages causes changes in the level of tides, thereby resulting in floods
  • Building a barrage across an estuary is a very expensive affair. It also affects a very wide area. This results in the loss of biodiversity in the particular area. Many birds rely on the uncovering of mud flats by tides for feeding

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Energy obtained from sea tides is called tidal energy. it is generated two times in a day. a big reservoir is built to store the water obtained from tide.there is a opening through which water can enter in reservoir. a dynamo is fixed in the way of water.when water moves inside the reservoir it rotates the dynamo and electricity is generated. while low tide when water moves out of reservoir it again rotates the dynamo and electricity is regenerated. in this way tidal energy is used to generate electricity.

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