Write a short on Rhizobia as biofertilizers.

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Biofertilizers are the living microorganisms that help in the growth and development of plants or crops by enhancing the availability and supply of primary nutrients to the plant.Rhizobia are the bacteria that help in the nitrogen fixation and thus help in replenishing soil nutrients and act as biofertilisers. 
Plants cannot absorb nitrogen from the atmosphere. Rhizobia are the symbiotic bacteria present in the root nodules of leguminous plants. The bacteria helps the plant to fix the atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into useable form i.e ammonia. The ammonia, so formed, is oxidized first into nitrite and then to nitrates with the help of other soil bacteria by the process of nitrification. The nitrites and nitrates, thus formed enrich the soil with usable form of nitrogen that is easily assimilated by the plants.

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