Write a short paragraph on any five safety measures for kids

  • If you have infants at home, water, fire and electricity are the three most dangerous elements that can threaten the health and life of kids. Kids at the age of one or two may reach for the flames on the oven and burn themselves. When kids are being bathed, be with kids till you finish with. Many parents do the mistake of leaving the bathrooms to pick towel or shampoo after keeping the child in the bathtub. Keep everything ready before you take your baby to the bathtub and leave the room only with your baby.
  • Minute level of electric shock can be fatal to kids, especially infants. Keep all the electrical equipments beyond the reach of kids. All the plugs and wires used at home should be insulated properly. Do not let your kids operate instruments like electric oven, television, iron box etc. You can train your children with the ways of operating the commonly used electric equipments.
  • Never ever leave kids alone in vehicles. Closed vehicles may suffocate them. Parents have to learn to read the gestures of kids. This will help them to know if there is anything wrong with the baby. They speak through gestures and signs. When they are hungry, when they feel ill, when are uncomfortable, they convey it through different signs.

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safety measures for trafiic or what

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