Write a short summary in about 75 words on the story mother's day.

Mother's day is a satire on the behaviour of children towards their mother. In the following drama the way how Doris, Cyril and George behave with Mrs. Pearson must be carefully noticed.

In this play, we find that the two women i.e. Mrs. Pearson and Mrs. Fitzgerald are of two contrasting characters. Mrs. Fitz is dashing and stout while on the other hand Mrs. Pearson is mild and soft-spoken.After that Mrs.Fitz enters into a conversation with Pearson and they both change bodies i.e., the soul of Mrs. Fitz has entered in Mrs. Pearson's body and vice-versa.When Doris enters home , she finds an unusual change in her mother's personality.She finds that her mom is sitting with cards and she has refused to iron her daughter's yellow silk dress which she decided to wear in her date with Charlie Spence . When Mrs. Pearson (original Mrs. Fitz ) hears about Charlie, she calls him as 'buck teeth and half witted ' by which Doris gets offended and runs back into her room. Similar case happens when Cyril comes home and finds his mom with a bottle of stout.After facing humiliation from Mrs. Pearson (origininal Mrs. Fitz) both Doris and Cyril join hands and they chuckle when they think the condition after their dad returns home. When George comes ack home , both of them have a spicy quarrel regarding george 's regular visit to the nightclub and Mrs Pearson who is original Mrs. Fitz knows that George has become a pompy-ompy person for everyone in that club as he goes there alone everyday and never bothers to take his wife along with him. Hearing this George becomes terribly angry and asks Cyril if its true.After getting a "yes " from Cyril he becomes even more angry and leaves that room.Then we find that Mrs. Fitz(original Mrs. Pearson) enters and tries to cool the environment.After that both of them change back again and come to their normal forms. Finally , Mrs Fitz leaves giving a final warning to Mrs. Pearson and she acts accordingly. Finally, the play ends with Doris and Cyril preparing supper whie Mrs. Pearson has a talk with George.

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this story feels good

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mother is very important to me,you and everyone in these world so don't say bad about your mother.so these lesson is consists of 5 characters Mrs.annie Pearson, George Pearson, Doris Pearson, Cyril Pearson, Mrs Fitzgerald .The Mrs.pearson get disturbed by her family and she wanted to rest like other like in the family . Thatswhat the lesson says about .
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please give me short summary of chapter mothers day
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