Write a speech on laughter is the best medicine

Dear judges, teachers and my dear friends,
Today i am going to talk about laughter is the best medicine.
Friends medicines have side effects but laughter does not.
So common let us all laugh hhaaa...
We all laugh some or other time in life. We laugh on many occasions. Sometimes when we are sad we remember the happy moments we spent, jokes we shared and laugh to ourselves. When we laugh muscles relax which is good for health, when we laugh we forget all our worries. When we laugh we look good too. Everybody likes a jovial person nobody likes a sad person.
Ways to create environment for laughing.
We can host parties share jokes, play dum charade, antakasharis and we can laugh to our hearts content.
now people join laughing club.We should not take ourselves seriously. We should at times laugh at ourselves.
When we face hurdles we must say to ourselves thats okay life is about ups and downs. We must take time out to laugh, we should always remember happy moments, and should try to forget sad moments.
There is social , mental and physical benefits of laughter so dont forget to laugh.
So we can say that laugh longer and louder and live longer.
So dear friends let us make our lives healthier by laughing.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.
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My dear friends,

The ability to laugh is God-given.
laughter is an expression of joy in one?s heart. Sadly,?anxiety and?worry?are ills of modern society that prevent people from laughing out loud. It is in this context that laughter is understood to be the best medicine.laughter can relieve stress and increase our health in many different ways.?
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