Write a speech to be delivered in the school morning assembly on the topic ' Eat Healthy Say Healthy'

Of course we all love to eat tasty food. However, it is also important whether the so called tasty food is keeping us healthy and long live, the answer is no. Every now and then we feel stomach discomfort happen to have several health disorders received because of our wrong eating habits.


Here I will like to summarize a few miscellaneous tips of how we shall eat, what we shall eat and the changes we could make in our routine to stay healthy. There are some tips I have collected from the elders and I would like to pass to my friends for their good health.


1. We shall avoid or minimize junk food eating, highly processed, canned and convenience food. Avoid intake of soft drinks and other high calories energy drinks having harmful substances.

2. Avoid eating stale food or long stored food.

3. Refrain overeating, copper-rich food e.g. chocolate, cocoa, nuts, seeds, tea and coffee which can lead to serious health problems.

4. Eating least processed and more natural food keeps us fresh.

5. It’s very important that we eat only when we feel hungry and do not overeat for the sake of taste.

6. Consumption of raw food i.e. salad everyday is a must.

7. We shall ensure to finish our dinner atleast 2-3 hours before our bedtime.

8. Before using vegetables and fruits, soak them in water and wash completely & properly.

9. Take care to chew the food well and take our food at a comfortable place.

10. Simpler the food preparation more the nutritional value retained. So select easy and simple food dishes.

11. We shall develop liking towards the traditional dishes. They normally are of high nutritive value and can made to our taste with minor modification.

12. A few simple and common tips from almost all elders and parents need to be paid attention.

a. Taking a few Tulsi leaves daily will increase our immune system very much.

b. Using Trifla at regular intervals such as once a week helps improve your digestion power at optimum level.

c. Drinking a lot of water.

d. Following traditional curry masala keeps you strong and healthy.

e. Stay mentally prepared what you should avoid eating in parties.

f. Use natural honey in your routine diet.

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