Write a statement,question,command,an exclamation using the words in eac set that given in photo

G 1.
Statement: That teacher teaches us Science.
Question: Which teacher teaches you Science?
Command: The principal ordered the teacher: 'Teach the students Science'.
Exclamation: How well the teacher teaches the students Science!

Dear student, kindly attempt the other sets in a similar fashion. Revert to us for further clarification, if required.

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where is the sentence ?
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G part is the sentence
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statement-the teacher is teaching science
question-Does the teacher teach science
command-teacher please teach us science
exclmation-Oh! this teacher is teaching science

st-the children planted saplings
qu-are the children planting saplings?
co-plant the saplings children
ex-oh my! the children are planting the saplings

i don't know the next one! hope the sentences for th 2 help u!
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