Write a story a legend of Northland in ten sentences

Once upon a time, there lived an old lady who made cakes on the hearth. She was a miser and did not want to share his resources with any other. Once a Saint called Peter (who was feeling hungry and tired) was stopped by her cottage. Since the saint was feeling frail with fasting he asked the old lady for a cake. But the lady being so selfish tried to cook small cakes but each time it looked too big for her to donate. She finally, baked a cake as thin as a slice and did not give it to the saint and put it on the shelf. The saint became displeased with her behavior and announced that she was too egotistical to live as a human and have meals, house and a flame to keep her heated. He cursed her to become a woodpecker that would have to develop a nest to live in, bore for a meal in the blocks of trees. 
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The story begins like this- Once Saint Peter lived in Bethlehem, where Jesus lived with 12 students in which Saint Peter was one of them. From traveling morning to evening he was tired about to paint because he was fasting from morning. When he come to door of a cottage where a little woman lives who was baking cakes on her hearth fire. When he asked for a little piece of cake, the little woman made smaller and smaller cakes but isn't satisfied with it and she provoked him. Provoked by her he cursed little woman and turn into a woodpecker to teach her a lesson of generosity and charity.
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