Write a story in 150-200 words.

A rich man --- had many servants--- purse with lot of money stolen from rich man's drawer ---rich man files a complaint in the police station--- all the servants called--- stick of same length given to each servants--- were told that stick of the their will grow by one inch over night --- the thief cuts his stick--- he is caught easily.

Dear Student,
Once upon a time ,there lived a rich man named Raj. He had a number of servants. One day, one of his servants named Anish stole purse with lot of money stolen from his owner’s drawer. Raj was very worried about his money. So he filed a complaint in the police station about the same. The police was very intelligent so he call all the servant and gave everyone a stick of the same length and also gave them a day and said that whoever was the thief his stick would grow that night. Anish was very frightened of being caught. In the midnight Anish cut his stick 1 inch. So the next morning when the police saw the stick he caught Anish red handed.


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