Write a story in 150-200 words with the help of following outline.
Returning home ? long journey ? suddenly car stopped ? looked for help ? saw a female figure with
red eyes ? her dog pounced ? I ran for life ? female?s sudden disappearance ? very frightened ? car
started on its own ? drove back very carefully

Dear Student,

I went for a family tour it was late night, But we are not sleepy because we had slept already in our rooms because it was strike and we couldn't go anywhere. Every shops were closed. So we were inside our lodges, so we felt that it is better to sleep. And we slept for 5 hours. Then news came that the strike will be continued by tomorrow. So we thought in our mind that we should not be here anymore. We were returning home it was midnight, it was a long journey, we didn't open the windows because it was very scary to look the long trees in the mid night with street lights. We were singing songs in the car so that we will not know the distance more to go home. We saw a lady asking for lift. We passed away her because we didn't notice her. We really felt guilty but after sometimes again the lady was asking lift after few distance, again we passed, so we thought it's better to go back and take her. But when we reversed the car she was not there. So we thought it's better to leave this place. a little distance passed. Suddenly, the car stopped with a big sound. We were frightened. We saw the wicked woman standing confront of our car asking for lift. We saw a female figure with long and sharp nails with red eyes with long hair in a white sari. There was a ugly and fearful dog near her which was starring at us. Dog pounced at me. I ran for life as she came to me, I shouted louder. The female suddenly disappeared.


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