Write a story on how packing increases the amount of garbage.

Dear Student, 
Such questions are made for self creative skills and should be tried answering on own. However,  here are few points that can help younin framing your story:-

The different kinds of packaging materials commonly used includes:

(i) plastic bags for carrying eatables or other household things

(ii) cloth or jute bags for carrying fruits, vegetables, or othergroceries

(iii) paper bags for carrying small groceries, packing of food, etc.

(b) The usage of plastic bags must be reduced as packaging of cookedfood items in plastic bags might affect our health. Also, plasticbags are non-recyclable and burning of plastic bags may releaseharmful gases that can cause many health diseases.

(c) Packaging increases the amount of garbage as we keep on throwingthe packaging materials carelessly on roads and other places. Also,since these packaging materials (mainly plastic covers) arenon-recyclable, they keep lying on the roads and cannot be properlydisposed off. Sometimes, they get into drains and sewer systems andblock them, creating more problems.

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