Write a story on the black rose with moral


"Black Rose" is about a young girl named Rose who is doing her hardest to help her destitute widowed mother run a roadside diner. She is a dropout who works at her mother's business to help support her family. She meets Desmond, played by Blossom Chukwujekwu, in a mechanic shop while running an errand for her mother. Rose fell in love at first sight. She approached him to buy their lunch, they strike up a conversation, and he becomes unexpectedly intrigued in her and wants to learn more about her.
He makes a deal with her mother to start preparing him weekend meals for a price. Rose's mother, played by Ebele Okaro, is overjoyed since this would help them pay off their obligations. Desmond had not only initiated a kiss with Rose but had also been comfortable with her despite the fact that she is a teenager a few weeks into their new arrangement. To make matters worse, Desmond begins to distribute Rose to his buddies in order to satisfy their needs and wants. This is done in order to cultivate dubious commercial connections with them. Desmond also quickly convinced Rose that he want to create a family with her. Black Rose is a narrative that demonstrates the need of supervision for youngsters. It's an excellent movie with many lessons for everyone.

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