Write about an experience from your past, which has significantly shaped you as a person and your perspective(s) on life. Elaborate upon the experience, your personal engagement with it, and the manner in which it has changed you. Provide other relevant details to help us better understand you.

Dear Student
"Learn from the past,prepare for the future,live in the present" is a very well said quote on life.We learn from mistakes,experiences in past which helps us to better prepare  for our life in future and stay as a better human in present.Life experiences in the past has significantly shaped us as a person and our perspective on life.One of which was the day when my teacher asked me to come to stage and present the pledge for the school mates.I was one of the very bright students but as they say,we have our own strengths and weaknesses,so did I .I wasn't a public speaker.I was the victim of a very strong stage fear.The thought of going to stage and speaking my thoughts publicly will make me shiver and my face turn red.My teacher realised  the above and used to motivate me to speak so but i was never serious about it.I used to reject all the opportunities even when i had some great ideas to speak out .That day was a turning point in my life where i had no other option but to finally speak my views before everyone and the applauses and cheers are still patting my ear and shoulder where i had left my fears behind and realised that it was really sad of me to miss all these opportunities on my way.Opportunites should always be welcomed and one must never miss these opportunities coming their way because this are the fruits to nurture our life

This is just a sample example,the students can write down their own experiences which will help them practice and learn more.Such questions are for students  practice and they should try to write on their own,You can always start with a good quote and end with a beautiful lesson learnt.


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