Write Abstract Noun given in brackets :-

Write Abstract Noun given in brackets :- in Nouns from the • make progress ll•ere is . i protect ) Nowadays almost all politicians need you are cunning. Don't show your d) A man cannot get in ithout good health. happy) e) Ihere is no (truthful) g) Gandhiji was known for his is the best period of life. (child) _ at presenc (vacant) I am sorry. There is no _ was given to those who broke the rule. (punish) for the New Year party I have received an _ of the rope"' (long) Utiat the

Dear Student,
f. beauty
g. truthfulness
h. childhood
i. vacancy
j. Punishment
k. invitation
l. length


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Answer Quickly please ??
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I can't see the image clearly 
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f  beauty    g        h  childhood j vacent 

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