Write adjective, noun or verb for the underlined clauses.

1. Joun Sllivan said that there were sixty seconds left to win!

2. The foue men had received no news of Mr Fogg at all beause there were no telegraph lines al along his route.

3. These were the men who had made the bet with Mr Fogg.

4. A well- know oldgentleman called Lord Ambermarle had bet five thousand pounds.

5. Mr Fogghad his tea nd tost at twenty-three mnutes past eight.

6. God helps those who help themselves.

7. Everybody clapped when P T Usha walked up to the stage.

8. Kindly keep the files wherever you find space.

9. Frogs are amphibians as they can live both on land and in water.

10. Is this the tree that wasplanted as a sapling by your grandfather

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1. Noun clause



2. Adverb clause



3.  Adjective clause



4.  Noun clause



5.  Adverb clause

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