Write all the parts of a typical cell write one function of each part

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The different parts of a cell are:

- Large organelle near the centre of the cell. - The control centre for all activity. - Surrounded by a nuclear membrane.

Nucleoplasm - is the protoplasm in the nucleus. - contains genetic material ---> CHROMOSOMES (DNA)

Cell Membrane - the outer boundary of the cell. - it separates the cell from other cells. - ---> allows molecules to pass through.

Cyto Plasm - cell material outside the nucleus but within the cell membrane. - clear thick fluid. - contains all cell organelles.

Vacuoles - are clear fluid sacs that act as storage areas for food, minerals, and waste. - in animal cells the vacuoles are much smaller.

Mitochondria - power house of the cell. - centre of respiration of the cell. - they release energy for cell functions.

Ribosomes - tiny spherical bodies that help make proteins. - found in the cytoplasm or attached to the endoplasmic reticulum.

Endoplasmic Reticulum ( ER ) - systems of membranes throughout the cytoplasm. - it connects the nuclear membrane to the cell membrane. - passageway for material moving though the cell.

Golgi Bodies - tube like structures that have tiny sacs at their ends. - they help package protein.

Lysosomes - " suicide sacs " - small structures that contain enzymes which are used in digestion. - if a lysosome were to burst it could destroy the cell.


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