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Krutika Bedse , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 30/8/12

 write an arcticle on junk food vs balanced diet

Nimit Bhardwaj , added an answer, on 26/11/10
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Hello, i will write an article


we eat many things in our day to day life these may in balance diet or in junk foods .We always like junk food rather than that food which is rich in protines,vitamins and many other nutrients.Junk food means that food which we eat from markets, stalls and many more.We all like to eat junk food but we do not know its bad effects.Junk food addiction is so high because of its simplicity. They are easy to prepare and are very tasty. Junk foods such as potato wafers and Cheetos do not even need cooking or heating. You prefer to eat them when you watch TV. You save yourself a lot of hassles and time when you are in a hurry eating pizzas and burgers as they are served at your door step hot and ready to eat.It is the main cause of obesity.It also increases the chances of  heart attack and diabetes.Also some junk foods contains salts which effects our kidneys.Doctors also reccomend us to eat junk food at limet but we do not follow their coments and then we got ill where as balance diet is best for us.It is the food eaten by us at an equal amount of protines,fats,vitamins and many more nutrients.It is not in high quantity in markets as compare to junk foods and also some people do not like their tasts like we do not like taste of gourd  juice.Also they take more care rathere than junk foods.They also decrease the chances of diseases.It is also believed that if we eat an apple daily it can end the cancer disease so meals containing balance diet are very useful for us.Therefore if we saw a burger corner we have nat to watering our tongue but to avoid it.If we refuse Junk food at every moment and encourage balance diet  we can become a healthy person and diseases will not fear us. 



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Aditi Mishra , added an answer, on 1/9/12
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WE the intelligent creatures , to live possess habits that are esssential for living as in eating , drinking , bathing , sleeping etc...etcc. but the most important is eating . we eat to live and not live to eat .So the ingredients in our food should be rich in fats . carbohydrates , vitamins , minerals and many other scientific terms so that we have a healthy body and a balanced diet . but execcive of any of these may lead to obesity , diabetes etc. and will no more be healthy for consumption . this food will now be considered as junk food . eating junk or food whose ingredients are not recquired by the body can lead to dangerous diseases and these then will lead to koma or DEATH . People make junk food to earn a living as they sell chips burgers etc. but dont they realize that they are harming others lives?? . If they could hav realized then they would hav never sold these things . Even the people should understand the importance of balanced diet and scrifice their taste then they would realize the vast change in their thinking and in their concentration . Scientists have proved that junk food in some or the other way harm the brain whereas they have also proved that a balanced diet is very essential for ones living so its now or choice to choose among death or living and i am sure nobody would like to meet god in young age ..........

i hope this articl will hlp you make the world aware

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