Write an argumentative essay for the following topics:  Are we happier than our forefathers

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Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer. Work on this outline as this is a task that tests your creative skills.
  • It is true that we are definitely not happier than our forefathers.
  • The older generation did not have as much luxury and comforts as we do.
  • Neither were they were richer than us.
  • But, they were undoubtedly happier and wealthier than us.
  • Their happiness was based on relationships, companionship, spirituality etc.
  • The younger generation today, finds joy in material possessions like tablet, smartphone, television, Internet etc.
  • However, the joy that these provide are short-lived.
  • They do not give a satisfaction. On the other hand, it gives an urge to take more into possession
  • Therefore, it is debatable as to whether we are happier than our forefathers.

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From which lesson are u asking
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Ayye its argumentative essay
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Format of an Argumentative essay:-




4.Conclusion and Personal opinion.

Eloborate ur essay using these points..

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