Write an article in 150-200words on the topic stay home stay safe during effect of corona virus

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Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer, as this is a creative writing task.
  • The world is affected by a deadly virus that is taking a toll on the lives of human beings.
  • In such a scenario, most of the countries including India, has stressed on social distancing.
  • India has taken a further step by going into a complete lockdown.
  • The citizens of the country are urged to stay at home and safeguard their own health as well as the safety of others.
  • This can be seen in a positive light because it minimises the contact between people and helps decrease the spread of the virus.
  • The best thing that we can opt for is to stay at home and thereby, stay safe.
  • This lockdown is a reflection of the concern of the authorities about the health and safety of its citizens.

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