Write an article in about 150 words on 'Yoga Everyday'.

yoga helps us keep healthy and concentrated.use that as main topic and continue with different topics
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Yoga is the practise of a form of exercises, invented in ancient India, along with many other discoveries. Yoga is scientifically proven to be very useful in many cases. Along with its many other benifits, practising yoga daily manages and keeps our body healthy. It also helps us to concentrate in many things. In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly declared 21 June as the Yoga Day. The day reminds people about this ancient but very important practise and let people from the world know that denoting at least half and hour per day for yoga will help them a lot in other works and concentration, and decreasing physical barriers. Practising Yoga daily will make respiration better, and increase blood circulation. So by practising yoga, we start knowing more about us and we start feeling better and relaxed after it.
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thanks and please write a speech on obesity a curse
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